5 Mins with… Kate

…What brings you to Zest? Aha. Good question – essentially huge admiration!  I have known Jo for a while now and have had the privilege of observing Zest’s journey, from a tiny seed of a dream in her imagination to five years on, the powerhouse it is now.  Zest, as we know, punches well above […]

5 Mins with… Jo

Hi Jo, so what’s your role at Zest? Glad you asked! I like to think of myself as the dream weaver & vision achiever. I’ve always got one eye on the future and one on the here and now, I just occasionally need my business partner to keep my feet firmly on the ground, which […]

Developing a Values Conscious Culture

Communication, Respect, Integrity… these sound great words don’t they. Strong, to the point and with genuine meaning. They may reflect your own personal values. They may accurately describe the genuine values of your company. But what if they don’t?  What if they are empty meaningless statements that whilst look pretty cool on a coaster or […]