Qualities Of A Good Leader

Leadership ey, is it something you can teach or a natural talent someone is born with? Is there a secret sauce that you can tap into and, voila, you’ve got a top-notch leader in the making? What are the qualities of a good leader? Well, we get asked these kinds of questions a lot – […]

What Is Change Management?

Are you sick and tired of change? Feel like you’re suffering from change fatigue? Well, change can be very difficult, and at the moment it feels like every five minutes it’s right in our faces. Work from home, go back to the office. Social distance. Wear a mask. Stay safe. Get back to normal. We’re […]

Go The Distance

How running can boost wellbeing, support decision making and give you that extra zest for life I hate gyms.  There I’ve said it! I don’t know what it is, maybe I’ve just not found ‘the one’, but I can’t say I’ve not tried. I don’t know if it’s the heat, the waiting for machines, the […]

Smed Talk: Session 4

Welcome to the fourth Smed Talk all about business as unusual

Smed Talk: Session 3

Welcome to the third Smed Talk all about finding your ‘Zenergy’

Smed Talk: Session 2

Welcome to the next Smed Talks session where we talk about the ‘C’ word…

Smed Talk: Session 1

Welcome to the first is the series of Smed Talk, brought to you by Zest Learning. For our first session we’re going to talk to you about 3 things beginning with A. The Unknown World Let’s focus on three key words beginning with A. AmbiguityIt’s really important for all of us to think about the […]

5 Mins with… Kate

…What brings you to Zest? Aha. Good question – essentially huge admiration!  I have known Jo for a while now and have had the privilege of observing Zest’s journey, from a tiny seed of a dream in her imagination to five years on, the powerhouse it is now.  Zest, as we know, punches well above […]

5 Mins with… Jo

Hi Jo, so what’s your role at Zest? Glad you asked! I like to think of myself as the dream weaver & vision achiever. I’ve always got one eye on the future and one on the here and now, I just occasionally need my business partner to keep my feet firmly on the ground, which […]

Developing a Values Conscious Culture

Communication, Respect, Integrity… these sound great words don’t they. Strong, to the point and with genuine meaning. They may reflect your own personal values. They may accurately describe the genuine values of your company. But what if they don’t?  What if they are empty meaningless statements that whilst look pretty cool on a coaster or […]