"You’ll absolutely know when we are here, but you might not realise when we have left"

Jo’s love of people and life in general form the backbone and ethos of Zest. She’s an all rounder who thinks big and has regular flashes of brilliance. She is an astute commercial thinker, who can demonstrate Learning and Development’s impact on the bottom line through a variety of different skills and techniques.

Jo takes every opportunity she can to spend time with her equally fun loving family and this is where a huge part of her inspiration comes from!

Andy is passionate about learning and development. He believes that working with like-minded individuals helps him to push boundaries and innovate even further. He quickly gets to grips with a brief and sets about using his infectious enthusiasm to really get to the heart of a business no matter what size or shape.

Andy aims to keep the mind fresh and the body active attempting to keep up with other runners every Saturday at Parkrun.

Our Principles



We believe in building momentum and inspiring others. Our expertise is creating learning that is full to the brim of compelling story telling, new ideas and is packed with infectious enthusiasm. We want teams to be inspired to be part of it!



It’s huge in our business. Integrity is key to ensuring our relationships stay strong long after we’ve left the training room. We’ll be up front and direct all the time and for this we don’t apologise. We put our heart and soul into every piece of work we do and genuinely care about the results.



We absolutely love, getting to the point… so here it is! Whilst we pride ourselves on our creativity, we are actually very black and white when it comes to having the end result in mind. We get just as much enjoyment out of demonstrating why doing X will = Y.



We love what we do and we enjoy doing it…it’s so important to us it shows. Good humour is vital to our business and it’s the way that we get teams bought in, switched on and signed up!

Our trusted associates

We work with a trusted team of specialists including qualified business psychologists, leadership development specialists and qualified executive coaches